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Share a 420 Moment


I want to draw your idea after having a toke, so purchase a drawing and we can virtually share a smoke. There are a few options to choose from, like the basic J up to something more like an EPIC BONG HIT of an idea.
Here's the options, select the one you like from the drop down.

$5.00 share the joint and pass the sketch ... wut?
We can't actually share the joint, you're probably hundreds of miles away from me and I don't get out much. This is the next best thing ... you tell me your idea, I smoke a J and then sketch it out on a 4"x6" paper with my favourite dollarama pens. I'll send you the drawing within a few days of completing it.

$10 this buds for you
For the price of a gram I'll draw your idea on a larger piece of paper, and throw on some colour if colour is needed. A few days after it's complete, it gets shipped out to you.

$30 the greatest Eighth
I'm really stretching to be clever but have I stretched the joke far enough??
This moment takes place on a 6"x9" sheet of watercolor paper. Colour is gauranteed, no matter how you spell it.

$120 - half ounce of awesome
Sometimes bigger is better, and with weed, more is ALWAYS better. You want this moment? It takes place on at least an 8"x10" paper and everything that is needed gets used. It ships out after a protective booklet is made for it too.

$250 the whole damn plant - almost
I really have no idea how much weed a weed plant gives, but I bet it's a lot. You want this moment then we better make it a good one. It might be a few moments or one long moment that requires multiple smoke breaks. Tell me what you want and let's get it done.

free shipping on everything, trackable shipping on the half ounce of AWESOME and the WHOLE DAMN PLANT.