Rising From the Dead

I feel like I am slowly rising back from what I could dramatically call deaths dark embrace. In reality it was a downward spiral of depressing situations stacked upon each other that caused me to figuratively fall off the face of the internet. 

I haven't been myself in months. I haven't posted very much, if at all, on the major social networks I frequent. I haven't been social, and I have not been very creative. I've been dwelling pity and being crushed by debts. Vet bill, phone bill, hydro bill, mortgage, car payment ... the list goes on ... and continues to go on because while the bills need to be paid the children need to eat. They need new winter clothes to survive the 2 feet of snow and bitter -35 degree temperatures, they need to pay some school fees so they can participate in activities with their peers. So many needs ... so much balancing to try to achieve, and the darkness grows darker and grips tighter.